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    I like the new Avisio theme…so much so i’m about to buy it :) Couple of questions…

    The mainpage slider, I take it you can very easily add text and choose the position of it OVER the image much like with the Cu3er slider used in your DISPLAY theme?

    How easy is it going to be to move my content over do you think? Do you still use tim thumb for post/page headers or am I going to have to resize all of my images?

    Many thanks!


    unfortunatley It might include some work to get everything set up correctly. since display wordpress added a bunch of new features which I am utilizing in Avisio.

    Adding text, images and links to the slider works a little bit different from how it used to be in display but it is very easy. the theme uses the new wordpress featured post option for thumbnails (which means thumbnails for the correct size are generated upon uploading) but does also come with a fallback timthumb script for images that were uploaded before the theme was activated. There are also several plugins available that can resize your exisitng images with just a single click ;)


    Ok yes ive been having a mess about with it and it’s really nice. for the slider, I notice that you have the option to have the description box right across the bottom but that option is not available in avisio???


    not sure what you mean, but of course they do not share all options :)


    Ok so are the full options of the slider available to me in the avisio theme? For example, on the aviaslider website it shows a description box that spans the full width of the image yet in the avisio theme the options are a box on the left or right or not at all.


    The box width is set by the CSS stylesheet.

    If you open up style.css and remove the width element (around line 289) for .feature_excerpt this will span the width of the text you have.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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