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    Hi there again

    I would like to highlight the background of currently active menu tab/category (in the big “second” menu). How can i do that?


    i mean, when i’m in the subcategory of the “big” category in second menu.

    Say “cars” are parent category in the second menu and “test” are sub category of “cars”.

    so when i’m in cat. cars->test how can i make the “cars” be still highlighted when



    add the following to your style.css

    ul > {
    background-color: #ff0099 !important;


    pink is nice :), but it was not the case

    Lest say i have category called “TESTS” and this category is a big button in second menu on the page

    when i click TESTS i’m on the tests category page and the tests button in the menu is highlited

    which is gooood

    but “tests” category have a subcategory of “AUTOS” which is represented in dropdown menu when u hover on “tests”

    when i click AUTOS and i’m in the autos category page(which is a subcat. of TEST) the tests button is not highlited any more

    i would like to highlight the TESTS even when i’m on the AUTOS subcategory page

    i can’t present this problem more clearly :)


    That’s not possible – I’m sorry. WordPress doesn’t offer special classes for category/subcategory relationships so you can’t apply a specific color to the “category” menu item “tests” when you’re on an “autos” page.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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