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    Hi. I have put the slideshow of the home page in a page layout width sidebar (I have selected “Adjust to page layout” in the Slideshow options)… but I need the the height of the slides higher. How can I do thtat? Thanks.



    Please provide a url so that we can give you the css that matches the location and your setup.

    You can use to mask the url.




    Hi Nick.

    Thanks in advance. I couldn’t see the message until right now.

    Thanks again. I really aprecciate it.



    Please install Simple Image Sizes Plugin.

    This will provide you with height/width and whether to crop an image that goes into the various sliders, thumbnails, posts, portfolio items on the website. This can be found on Settings > Media after installing plugin. Please adjust the settings for image size ‘Featured’. Right now your images on the page you mention on your site is cropped to 990px width – 360px height.

    Please be aware that *the size of the image you are uploading should be bigger then the dimensions you set above. If they are smaller, the image will become blurry.

    Changing this size *does not* change the size of images that you *already uploaded*, but only changes the sizes for future images you upload. To change the images sizes of your current images on the site, please use the Regeneration feature of the plugin which is also found in Settings > Media as well as on various Media related pages of the website.

    On the page settings you are using a Move slider and in size small (consider adjusting those settings).




    Thanks a lot… excellent support. I really apreciate it. It works great. Thanks again.


    Glad you are having fun. Good luck.


Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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