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    I have a three-fold question. Background: I am trying to create a way to place, not only my blog posts, but certain pages in one RSS feed.

    I think the way to do this is to create an RSS feed with one tag (say, it’s “rss”). So the RSS feed would be:

    Is that correct?

    Second, I need to be able to add a tag to pages I want in the feed. Would the simple-tag plugin work here?

    Third, I want to be able to hide the tags when the piece is published. Is there a way to do that? I see there are some plugins which do that; do you have any preferences as to which one might be best?

    Finally, is this the right way to approach it? Or do you have a better way? Thanks!



    Hi outtacontext!

    1) I think this article will help you: (Purchase code hidden if logged out) -tags-authors-comments-search/

    2) Tbh I don’t know. I’d suggest to test it and if it doesn’t work you need to find another solution.

    3) You can probably hide the tags with css. There’s no need to use an additional plugin.


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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