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    I am trying to hide the sidebar and to have a full with page in the category page


    I want my articles to be showed up something like this:


    also if somebody has any idea how to make the posts to show up as grid I will be very happy



    open up archive.php and replace following code:

    $k_option['custom']['bodyclass'] = ""; //<-- Display Sidebar
    // $k_option['custom']['bodyclass'] = "fullwidth"; //<-- Dont display Sidebar


    // $k_option['custom']['bodyclass'] = ""; //<-- Display Sidebar
    $k_option['custom']['bodyclass'] = "fullwidth"; //<-- Dont display Sidebar

    Afterwards search for following code line:


    and delete it.

    I can’t help you with the grid view modification because it’s a customization and beyond the scope of this support forum.


    hey Dude,

    I Want to hide the Sidebar on my index-page.

    I already tried the code that you posted but the content is still an the right side and not fullsized.

    My second question: Can i use the start-page like a normal page so that i have the slide bur then the firt article in its full lenght?

    Thank you,



    Which theme are you using? Newscast? I just want to make sure that we give you the right instructions.


    Yes i am using newscast.

    the sidebar is hidden, but the article is not fullwidth.

    thank you


    In index.php replace:

    <?php get_header(); ?>


    $k_option['custom']['bodyclass'] = "fullwidth"; //$k_option['custom']['bodyclass'] = "";




    Thank you now i have it fullwidth, how can i show the complete article on top, only the first one?


    In index.php replace:

    $additional_loop = new WP_Query("cat=".$negative_cats."&paged=$paged");


    $additional_loop = new WP_Query( 'page_id=91' );

    and change the page id. Then replace:

    <?php the_excerpt() ?>


    <?php the_content() ?>


    Now i have only 1 article in the slider, but i wanted the first article on the index to be shown complete.


    I corrected the instructions above.


    Thanks, this worked!!!


    Glad that I could help you :)


    http://hkult.syndikath.de/?page_id=788 can you tell what is the problem here? The sidebar is showing up in top left corner.

    i fixed that in the impressum-page, but it doesn’t work here.


    It seems like header.php is missing or causes an error. Try to reupload the original header.php. If that doesn’t help please upload all original php files from trhe main content folder (index.php, header.php, etc.).


    i replaced the Header.php but nothing happened. I try some things an d hope i will get it, on the impressum it worked so ill have to get it done here too


    i solved the problem in the settings of the page! but thank you for your helf, the support is the best i ever had!


    could you please delete the link and the user and so on? Thank you Dude


    Removed :)

Viewing 18 posts - 1 through 18 (of 18 total)

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