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    Hi Kresi,

    I have just added a new user and noticed that the Avisio settings are still showing which means site wide changes can be done by anyone?

    Is there any way that this can be linked with the WP administrator settings so new users cannot have access to the Avisio settings?

    All the best




    Any user with Editor / Administrator access can change the theme options.

    Which capability has this user been given?

    Best regards,



    Hi James,

    Thanks for that. With this client it would be good to have the Avisio settings hidden under Editor as they need to edit pages and posts but not the other stuff. Is there any way this can be done?

    All the best



    I know where you’re coming from :)

    There are 2 edits you need to make to /framework/theme_plugins/kriesi_options_pages/kriesi_options_pages.php

    Find this line:

    add_menu_page($top_level, $top_level, 7, $this->pageinfo['filename'], array(&$this, 'initialize'));

    and this line:

    add_submenu_page(TOP_LEVEL_BASEAME, $this->pageinfo['full_name'], $this->pageinfo['full_name'], 7, $this->pageinfo['filename'], array(&$this, 'initialize'));

    Change the 7’s to 10’s like this:

    add_menu_page($top_level, $top_level, 10, $this->pageinfo['filename'], array(&$this, 'initialize'));


    add_submenu_page(TOP_LEVEL_BASEAME, $this->pageinfo['full_name'], $this->pageinfo['full_name'], 10, $this->pageinfo['filename'], array(&$this, 'initialize'));

    The number refers to the access level needed to access the page, 7 is editor (or higher) and 10 is administrator.


    Thanks for this one. Is it possible to hide the Options panel (I use Twicet) on the edit-post/edit-page screen as well (for editors)?

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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