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    On the Main page, when I just want to show recent news articles at the bottom, but it insists on showing the side bar, which is ok, but I don’t want the Categories showing nor the Archives. How can I hide those?


    Hi jlarmen!

    Go to the Appearance>Widgets section of WordPress and you can adjust the visible widgets there. If you’ve already removed all the widgets then you can clear out the whole column by adding in an empty text widget (though the space will just be blank).

    Best regards,


    Thanks Devin. I had already removed all the widgets and that appears to be the default. There isn’t any CSS to just remove the Categories or Archives? I can’t seem to find a way for the theme to provide a posts area on a page without including a sidebar. I would be ok with the sidebar if could use the area for custom links, but I can’t see where the theme would allow that either. I know Enfold does and some other themes, is that not so?

    -I looked at the Dynamic Template and its set for full width, yet I still have the sidebar.

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    To hide the widgets via css on the main page, enter following code in the file

    #main .widget_categories, 
    #main .widget_archive {
        display: none;

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    Thanks. Can that be used to target other pages?

    -Also, do you know if there are plans to add the ability to do more with the sidebar such as add custom links?

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    In the <body class=”……”> tag you find specific classes for each type of page (e.g. home) or a specific page (e.g. page-id-395).

    To specify a specific page you can write:

    .home #main .widget_categories, 
    .home #main .widget_archive {
        display: none;
    .page-id-395 #main .widget_categories, 
    .page-id-395 #main .widget_archive {
        display: none;

    Regarding Sidebar: Currently there are no plans, but this might change.


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