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    I’m using the one-page option to create my site (, so here are my questions…

    1. How can I remove the blog stuff from the left sidebar, and have my posts show up on my ‘Latest News’ page only?

    2. How can I embed a YouTube video on the one-page site? (I tried entering the embed code on the WordPress page itself, but this didn’t seem to work.)

    Thanks for your quick reply!



    Hi Jeff,

    #1 – You should be able to just go to Appearance>Widgets and then put a single text widget into the One Page Portfolio widget area. Just leaving it blank will make no widget items appear in the sidebar under the navigation.

    #2 – Go to the youtube video you want to embed. Then Share>Embed. Copy the iframe code from the text field and then go to the page you want to add it to in wordpress. The visual editor has two tabs:Visual and Text (or HTML if you are on WordPress 3.4). Go to the Text/HTML tab and then paste the iframe code where you want the video to be. When you go back to the visual tab you should see a box representing the iframe video. Publish the page and that should do it :)





    The YouTube worked, but it appears ABOVE my page name (see ‘Home’ page to see what I mean) – How would I make it appear BELOW the page name?

    As for the other question, I dragged a ‘Text’ widget into/under the ‘Sidebar One Page Portfolio’ section and left it blank. I still see the blog stuff under my links in the left sidebar. Did I do this incorrectly? My whole goal is to NOT have the left side scroll down with the right side, and I don’t want that blog stuff there anyway.

    Thanks for your further help.




    I figured it out on my own. It was slightly different than what you suggested (for #1) – There were items in the ‘Displayed Everywhere’ section of Widgets that I made inactive, and this corrected the issue. All good, I’ll close out this ticket. Be well.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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