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    Love your template.

    I have had an issue for a while where all the portfolio boxes and the hero image slider only shows 2 images. Some of my album have multiple images but these will not display.

    I have played with the settings to see of that was the issue but this has not changed anything.

    My website is There are 4 images but only 2 show.

    Same with these portfolio and albums

    I had to resort to using facebook albums and a widget to display images



    Please update the theme to the latest version of Choices (2.1).

    Best regards,


    Thanks, I am trying.

    Do I need to buy it again? I bought the original copy 16 September 2012.

    When I go back to license information it leads to a deadlink.

    I just don’t wish to mess up what I have if there is an update available.




    No you don’t, refer to this video on how to update (it’s for Enfold but applies to any Themeforest theme):

    Best regards,


    Hey, you gave me this advice a while ago and I tried numerous times following the video instructions but it did not update.

    I just updated wordpress 4.0 and now my all site pages only direct to one page for example, my About page is redirected to that one event page

    I changed back to another version of the theme (I had 2 Choices themes available in theme options and the the issue disappeared.

    Is tips on how I can resolve this or what I have done wrong? I also lost my home page.

    All I want to do is update my theme. If I do that I think I can fix my site.

    Look forward to hearing from you.


    Hi Michelle,

    Can you please create me an administrator account? post it here as a private reply.


    This reply has been marked as private.

    How did we go? I am trying to communicate to my community and a bit reluctant with how site is looking.

    Just an update would be great.


    Hi Michelle!

    I tried to login with the details you posted but got a “Invalid username” error, please re-check.

    Also, i noted you still have Choices 1.5, i could try to update it for you but i’d need a temporary FTP access.


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    Choices is now updated to 2.2.



    Thanks soo soo much. Everything is back to normal on the pages and I can see the portfolio pictures are opening.

    I really appreciate your time and effort in helping me resolve this!

    Have a great day!


    You are welcome, glad to help :)


Viewing 13 posts - 1 through 13 (of 13 total)

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