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    I have been trying to get the Corona default blog page to list post excerpts instead of pulling the whole blog onto the blog home page.

    I have tried changing the loop_index.php per a post I saw here with a the same problem. It did not work

    I tried the <!–more–> tag in the post – it does not work

    I have set my “Reading” default to Summary in the Setting panel – does not work

    I installed a great plug in called Homepage Excerpts which works on other themes – it does not work here either.

    I really would like to have excerpts on the home blog page to avoid duplicate contebt

    Help Please


    Hi ColorSplash,

    When you say you added the <!–more–> tag into the post, did you add it to the html tab or directly into the post? You should see a visual que within the editor like this:



    I added it in the HTML and I do see the visual que in editor as you show. It still does not function.

    Could it have something to do with importing the whole blog from do you think?

    Here is the URL and I have been trying to make this work on the first post – wood rules


    Excerpts do work in Corona. You dont need any plugins for that. Just some php modifications. I dont remember which ones….

    i grab them (needed php code changes) somewhere here on that forum.


    here u go:


    Afterthat you will be able to use Excerpts.

    But dont forget to add Excerpts window in the “Screen Options” dropdown menu at the Post Creation page (i.e: POSTS -> Create New Post -> Screen Options” (upper right corner of the screen)….


    Thanks imbapromotion for helping us out. ColorSplash please ask if you’ve any additional questions.


    Thank you so much both of you. Adding in the code helped, it works! I had tried it before but did not structure it correctly in the php file so it did nothing.

    I have one more question on the blog posts – I want to remove a permalinks link that appears to the left of each of my ‘new’ excerpts, again I know it is a setting or code somewhere but do not know where to find it.

    You will see what I mean on this page

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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