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    Hello eveyone, I want to display a welcome message in my site, and like you to help me figure out witch way is better.

    1- Tell the theme to display a page before the entries feed.

    Here I’m asking if it possible to tell the template to display a WELCOME PAGE I create in between the slider, and the entries feed like this:



    Welcomepage (always here after the slider)

    Entries feeds (last entries on my site)

    2-Put a welcome message (one in English, the other in Spanish) in the php files of the theme using qTranslate plugin

    Other option is to put the message in the php. I’m using qTranslate, the problem is I don’t know how to display the spanish welcome message in the Spanish site, and the English message in the English version.

    The problem is all the text I put in the php files is always showing up on my site so visitor see both English and Spanish welcome message.

    Do you think some of these will work or can suggest other option?



    Guys, any idea on this issue?



    Hi saynw,

    I’m not really sure how you would go about doing either of those. I’m not familiar with qtranslate at all so I really can’t answer what you would need to do for that.

    As to putting in a secondary php function, you definitely could do something like that but it would require you to write the function from scratch. It is doable, but it isn’t what we can do for you through support. You would need to look into a freelance web developer if you wanted to have it custom done.

    Otherwise, I would definitely recommend you look into a plugin that could do something similar to what you are looking for. There is most likely something out there designed to show a welcome page or message for first time visitors.




    Devin, thanks, I did manage to put the welcome massage in the index.php file in several languages. I just put the code here in case someone need it.

    First make sure to have installed the qTranslate plugin and the go to yout php file and insert:

    <?php _e("<!--:es--><p>Texto en Español<!--:--><!--:en-->Text in English<!--:-->"); ?>

    Replacing Texto en Español for your spanish text and Text in English for your english text.

    The plugin support several languages you can add by simple getting the code (Example pt for portugues)

    By the way, Devin do you know how to add a link a to a word in my php file?



    Sure – just wrap it into an ahref html tag. Eg if you want to apply a link to the word “WordPress” use following code:

    <a href="">Wordpress</a>

    Replace “WordPress ” with your link text and with your link target/url.


    Dude, thanks, however that doens’t work inside the <?php code I put for the welcome message in different languages. Do I need to apply an additional code in order to make it work inside my welcome message or it’ll be not possible?



    Try changing to a single quote in the ahref. So:

    <?php _e("<!--:es--><p>Texto en Español<!--:--><!--:en-->Text in <a href=''>English</a><!--:-->"); ?>




    Devin, thanks that worked!


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