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    Greetings. I am new to wordpress and o this forum. Thanks in advance to all your help!

    My theme is choice

    Right now my socket reads: © Copyright – New Spotlight Consulting

    I want to use: Copyright © 2012 New Spotlight Consulting – All Rights Reserved

    Any suggestions.

    I also want to add links to the right end of the socket, such as home, about us, contact us, blog etc. maybe some social icons too (facebook, twitter etc.)

    Is it possible to do that and how?



    anyone help look into this? Thanks a lot!


    Yes, you can edit the copyright text in footer.php. Open up the file and replace following line:

    <span class='copyright'>© <?php _e('Copyright','avia_framework'); ?> - <a href='<?php echo home_url('/'); ?>'><?php echo get_bloginfo('name');?></a><?php echo $kriesi_at_backlink; ?></span>


    <span class='copyright'><?php _e('Copyright','avia_framework'); ?> ©  <?php the_time( 'Y' ); ?> New Spotlight Consulting - All Rights Reserved</span>

    You can add anything you like to this text – eg html links http://www.w3schools.com/html/html_links.asp, images and image links.


    I have changed it. Thank you so much!

    I am starting learning css/html……it is fun


    Glad you were able to change it. Enjoy learning and if you have any further questions let us know.



Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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