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    looked through the documentation for woo, however it hasn’t helped so far..

    Ok so I’m trying to sell custom bracelets – these come in 4 types: jasper, agate, obsidian and other

    those should be categories i believe…

    i have approx 5 in each category for a total twenty ish products

    Now, for each bracelet, regardless of type, they come in mens, womens and youth sizes. i need a drop down or similar on the product detail page for each product, and that decesion or size selected should also alter the price somewhat.

    base price shown may be $25 and that refers to mens..but womans may be 22, and youth 18 etc..

    How can I configure this or what is the best approach?



    plz help :)


    Hi Zstopa,

    I believe what you are looking to do is add variations to your products. I just looked through the WooCommerce Docs and found this guide that might help you in settting things up.


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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