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    I am having problems with forms on a product page. For instance the shade selection at http://www.exactadental.net/exacta-temp-xtra/ has weird shadowing issues and you need to click on the left side of the shade box in order to select it.

    On the other hand http://www.exactadental.net/exacta-core-mft/ you can click anywhere on the shade box and it works fine (although it still does have the weird shadow issues.

    I would like to have a drop down box that is only as wide as the options under it so it doesn’t stretch the entire screen.


    Hi chasewade,

    Have you changed any of the theme files css? If not, you’ll want to apply the most recent updates to the theme as it will fix most of the bugs you’ll run into.

    If you do want to customize the css, I’d recommend only adding things to the custom.css file or if they are small the Quick CSS field in the Styles tab.

    It looks like the main issue you’re having is caused by the avia_select_unify having a designated width of 50% means means the selection box doesn’t take up the full containers width. You can fix that by adding the following to your custom.css or quick css:

    .entry-content .avia_select_unify {
    width: auto !important;



Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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