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    I am having strange problems on Google Chrome.

    After scrolling the drop down menus will work sometimes and not work and even show only partial drop down menu sometimes.

    As I scroll to footer you can tell the whole site is “jiggling” and moving a few pixels on a regular rotation that does not stop.

    This does not seem to happen in Firefox and is only happening on the home page……

    As soon as I go to other pages that are not the home page the menu seems to be fine and the site does not jiggle or move anymore

    Here is site link for review and i can also send wordpress log in info and FTP.

    The site has no plugins installed, just for your information…..

    I am under strict deadline to complete this site in just a couple days so your help fixing this is much appreciated….

    From a faithful Kriesi customer that has purchased many of your themes over the years….



    I can send a video if needed


    Hi thorsky,

    You can post a link to the video here. Also, I’m not sure how to fix the problem, so let me tag the rest of the support to check this issue.




    Hello thanks for your reply.

    Here is a link to a video that shows basic things like drop down menu not working in Google.

    That is something that should work!!!!

    I have the same components on my site as the sample site….

    This is something I would not expect from a kriesi theme since he has been highest seller and first author ti a million dollars in sales.

    I habe also used many other kriesi themes withourt any issues and love the last site I launched with the propulson theme…

    I would appreciate you helping make theme work, sinec it says it should work on Google and chrome and as u can see by the video the drop down menus do not work sand that is a big problem and I cannot launch the site with an error in the site that big.

    There is something wrong and I need help since I am supposed to launch this site within a couple days and cant launch with broken menu’s etc. and the site shaking……


    I can send log in info if needed….. ( I have also dsabled all plugins and it still dooes not work)

    To me it has to be something with the sliders and there are no problems on any ohter pages. (Maybe becasue i have 5 prooducts in product slider versus 3 on your sample site … Otherwise all the components are the same as the sample accept for 2 columns I added for video and text…

    PLAESE HELP !!! Something is wrong with the code.. and hopefully it is something u will want to fix, becuase if i have this problem someone else will be bound to have the same problem in future sales……



    I think you may have forgotten to paste the link to the video (something I frequently do myself). :)



    Oops.. .yes I have been workingvery long hours and was probably tired

    Here it is

    By the way everything else on the site has been awesome

    I completed a large site very quickly

    And client is very pleased with how it looks and works….

    This is last small quirk for us to resolve and it will then be a perfect site and one of my companies premier showcase pieces…


    Hi thorsky,

    I’m having issues pulling up the site right now. About half of the files are getting 404 errors and the page isn’t loading.

    Is there another link where the site is hosted now so that we can take a look at it some more and see whats going on or can you check into the one you provided above?





    I looked at your screencast and your site for a while. I use Chrome as my primary browser, and I didn’t see a single problem with menu , and nothing shook as in your screencast. Javascript is not throwing any errors,

    Your form on the bottom of page doesn’t work but I think it’s expired.

    Your ‘buy t u r b o tab’ button in the splash image on home page doesn’t work, but its not linked.

    Part of each page uses http and another part uses https to reference scripts, styles and images. Please try to be either https or http consistently throughout the page. (some versions of IE get angry)

    Please try to see if you experience the same jumping when you use another pc running chrome because on my 2 laptops your site looks good to me.

    if you would like i can post a screen cast, but I think the issue here is your browser. Do you have updates turned on within Chrome? Uninstall and re-install it please and see if that helped.



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