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    The price tag is completely gone in each individual product page… only able to see price under product catelog.

    Please help.


    Found Ismael’s answer in another post. Price now shows.. but some are on top of the product page above pictures, some are all the way down below. Not sure if the woocommerce 1.6.1 changed anything… didn’t see this problem until clicked upgrade today :(


    delete product descriptions and pictures and re-upload seems fixed the issue



    Thank you for the heads up. This will help a lot of Flashlight users.




    Hi rogenjmsb,

    I have the same issue with the price field disappearing in product data…

    Where did you find the answer?



    if someone finds a way to fix this without deleting product descriptions and re-uploading every product image, would be a blast. I have almost 100 products with 4-5 images each, so this solution would be too time consuming for me.

    when upgrades cause so many problems, it seems like they lose the reason to exist. I am using Abundance 1.4 and still WooCommerce 1.6.1. caused a lot of problems.


    @Bill the problem is only by items without variants.

    Btw: Nice Shop ;-)



    I don’t think so

    price tags are missing also from a variant product as here

    and also from a simple product as here

    the prices already shown are written in the description field manually; the problem lies with the price tags that automatically pop up above the quantity box when user select variables/attributes. It seems that the price div there is missing (?)

    check also this other thread (Purchase code hidden if logged out) ?replies=16#post-66996

    ps. thanxs a lot for your comment :)


    Hello Bill,

    Thank you for the suggestions. I’m sure this will be fix on the next theme update. Please hold on for further updates.




    It is pretty clear I will never use Woo Commerce again. I have over 150 variable products on When I went to change a variable today, they were not functional. I then go to the Woo Commerce plug-in and apparently it needs to be updated. So when I did the update, it took over 5 minutes for the variables to look normal again and all of my prices on the single product pages have disappeared. I spent hours trying to figure out the problem, losing most of the day. A lot of custom work has been done on this site and within the commerce itself. I will take the advice from Ismael as a quick fix for today, but I will need a permanent solution and an alternative to a better shopping cart for the future.

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)

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