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    There appears to be an error with the ‘Display’ theme as the theme is calling a file from the web root, which doesn’t exist?

    Also in general the theme seems to take a long time to load, I am going try to optimise my images further

    but it spends a long time generating the first screen.

    Can you advise?



    1) Thats actually not a theme bug but a cu3er slideshow bug. The flash slideshow was missing this file in version 0.9. The bug was fixed in version 1.0 as far as I know, unfortunatley version 1.0 can no longer be distributed for free with themes.

    2) Did you try to use the config.xml option instead the dynamic image manager?


    I havent tried config.xml option as i woudlnt know where to start without some guidance, assuming its not too techy.

    Is this the only way to use the frontpage slider without it taking ages to load?

    I find the whole script is really slow even though i just dumped all the images from it its still takes and age to load and i am reluctant to carry on addint data in case i cant fix it

    Thanks in advance


    If everything is configured right the slider/script loads immediately (between 0,2 and 0,8 seconds). However your problem reminds me of this threads: – maybe contact your hoster and ask them if “loopback connections” are blocked/deactivated?

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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