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    Hi Mike,
    Everything looks great! Yes, you explained everything perfectly. Two things:
    1. On the homepage, click on guitars>acoustic guitars. The image at the top is a slider (you’re only seeing one image because I haven’t added others). Look below the slider and you will see numerous guitars. This seems to be the standard Woocommerce format. How do I get rid of that format and just have numerous sliders and keep my sidebar widget?

    2. Is the Abundance theme ready for me to update to WordPress 5.0 without losing any of the css and sliders that’s been done?

    Thank you for your help.


    If I understand correctly, you would like to remove the shop product grid, and only show your sliders on this page.
    When you say you want to show a sidebar on this page, do you mean that you want to show a standard sidebar and not the shop sidebar that is showing right now? Does a standard sidebar show on this page, I didn’t see one?

    As far as Abundance & WordPress v5, I would recommend making a full backup before upgrading to WP v5, or better yet, if your webhost has a staging site option I would test with that first.
    Unfortunately (Purchase code hidden if logged out) -4-5-1″>this news was released yesterday, which says that themes like Abundance are at the end of it’s development.
    You can still continue to use it, but I recommend testing a major upgrade, such as WP v5, first.
    Please see comment in the Private Content area.
    Please check your webhost to see if you have the one click staging site option, this is a option in most cPanels to create a staging clone of your site so we can test on it and you site will stay up and running. You can always ask your webhost to help you with setting this up if you want.

    Here are some screenshots of what it would look like:
    If you have this option you could use this to test how the site will work with WP v5, and then delete it after your test.

    Best regards,


    Hi Mike,
    I would like to show the shop sidebar, but I would like to know if I chose to remove and replace the default grid layout of woocommerce and replace it with a plugin with a grid layout, how would I do it?

    Thank you so much.


    I tried to login to take a look, but WordFence locked me out, this happens to me a lot?
    Anyways, if you mean this sidebar then there should be a setting, I will need to take a look to find it:
    The demo shows a grid, is this what you are trying to create?

    Best regards,


    Hi Mike,
    Sorry that you are getting locked out of my site. I’m not sure if you’re going in through WordPress or Filezilla, but if your going through WordPress, please note in the private data section my login username. It’s different from my Filezilla username. Could you be switching them up? Let me know if you have any more problems. To answer you question.
    1. Yes. I would like the grid that the demo shows. I would like it on all of my product pages.

    2. The sidebar I’m speaking of is the Yith Woocommerce Ajax Product Filter plugin. I just want to be certain that any css change with the grid layout of the demo would not affect how I wanted to display the sidebar.
    3. As far as the theme, I’ve had it for years.

    Thankyou for your help.


    Sorry for the late reply, I took a look at your products and shop page, and you should be showing a grid, but instead you are showing no products. I notice that you have another product and shop plugin and wonder if these are causing a conflict. Please try disabling your plugins except woocommerce, to see if we can get the default shop page to show as in the demo screenshot above.

    Best regards,

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