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    I have been using the Cubit Theme for quite awhile now and have been learning a lot doing some light customization. This support blog has been a great help. So thank you!

    I do have a few questions in which I am unable to find a solution.

    My site is a multi-site ( and now setting up

    1. I would like my home page posts to show in the news list with all the other categories. And if possible also show the image related to the post in with the news feed.

    2. Is it possible to make the home page posts headers an automatic link to that post page? I know how to set up a link in the post but when it is clicked it takes me to the home page again.

    3. My posts are not clipping and showing (Read more…) the entire post is showing on home page.

    4. Also is there a way to easily set the order of the home page posts (I have been just changing the time on the individual posts but I know other admins will not know or remember to do this. (just looking for a safe guard)

    I am sure I have messed somethings up along the way, any help with these questions would be greatly appreciated!



    is this still an active forum?


    I really need help on these issues? someone, anyone? Please!


    Hi T.,

    Sorry for the delay, its my fault and I apologize sincerely for the inconvenience.

    To minimize confusion on my part, please lets refer to the 3 pages as Home Page(, News Blog (, and News Feed (

    I marked this post, so it will be on top of my list.

    You have bigger issues now than any of the things you’ve mentioned that must be taken care of prior to them. I am not sure how the News Feed is functioning since somehow the header is being called twice, and more than half of the div tags somehow became a fusion of the opening and a closing tag.

    Are you using the latest version of the Theme or its too heavily modified at this point?

    Do you have a dev server, because I am going to need to look in the backend to see what’s causing this. I can answer your questions, however I am not sure how the results would display . Please setup a temporary account for me, and mail me a login/pw to usjahm [at]

    But no worries, I will give you a quick hand removing <div/div> and other mutations. Most if not all of your questions will require one free plugin or another.

    1, 2, 3,4 ) You can have the last 5 posts or more on the homepage with or without images, with titles linking to the story, showing a summary or the full article, with one ‘feature story always on top, and remainder usually ordered by date, with a free plugin. ( i will link you once i have an idea whats going on in the code)

    4) I remember seeing a plugin that lets you pick multiple feature posts for the home page and organize them however you want, i am just not sure whether that plugin is free.

    Once the code becomes readable I can show you the easiest plugins that come the closest to the functionality you want, and try it out.





    I have set up admin privileges on both wordpress and ftp. I will email you the user names and passwords.

    I am learning as I go, so I was afraid I had done some damage.

    I really appreciate your help with this!!!!



    Hi Terri,

    Friday is almost over, I will try to get to this at some point during the weekend.




    No problem. Thanks!


    Hi Terri,

    I fixed what I could and sent you a summary of the various issues regarding the installation and syntax errors from previous developers which must be fixed first. You will most likely need the services of a freelance developer since this is outside the scope of the support team.




    I have responded to your emails.



    Glad Nick could help :)



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