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    Hi –

    Have searched through all the Editor php sheets and cannot locate where the code shows the file names for the 4 iconsets on the home page. I need to change the file name from ‘iconsets1.jpg’ to iconsets1.png’. Need to use a button with a transparency in the background.

    Please! Where is the command for this area hidden? Been through all appropriate sheets 2 times now and can’t find it anywhere to modify this file extension.

    Your quick assistance would be most appreciated… Really need to fix this ASAP.


    The icons are used as a page content. Go to Avisio Options > Mainpage and you’ll see which pages appear on the frontpage. Search all of them and I’m sure you’ll find the icons.


    Thanks Dude :)

    Thats not where they are though. Avisio Options > Mainpage mentions nothing about any image beyond the logo. The aha! moment was you mentioning they are page content. Duh – look on the About ‘Site Name’ page and you can easily change them to anything. But don’t upload them to the gallery like a standard post or page image or they become Pretty Picture images. They have to go into the theme’s image files to be just graphics or a button.

    Love this template, but its a doozie customize. My next issue will be the footer. Posting that S.O.S. Help! message soon.


    Glad that you found the problem.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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