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    Good night I’m fascinated with the template , sorry for my english by the way. I have a mega super problem , i i cant recive my notifications from the form register, i follow the instructions for translate to spanish the contact sheet ( i dont use anything pluggin), but when i try to test it nothing send. and that was my mistake but the url was release :S i need ur support, if u need my user or pass of the ftp please send me a email,I really appreciate it it was ASAP, sorry for the troubles :S

    the modifications was in the contact-form.php



    * The Contact form gets generated by the avia_form class located in framework/php/class-form-generator.php


    $form_args = array(

    “heading” => “<h3>”.__(‘Registro’,’avia_framework’).”</h3>”,

    “success” => “<h3>”.__(‘Te haz registrado con éxito!’,’avia_framework’).”</h3><p>”.__(‘Gracias por registrarte!’,’avia_framework’).”</p>”,

    “submit” => __(‘Registrar’,’avia_framework’),

    “action” => get_permalink(),

    “myemail” => avia_get_option(’email’),

    “myblogname” => get_option(‘blogname’),

    “autoresponder” => avia_get_option(‘autoresponder’),

    “autoresponder_subject” => __(‘Gracias por tu registro!’,’avia_framework’),

    “autoresponder_email” => avia_get_option(’email’)


    //default elements

    $elements = array(

    ‘username’ => array(‘type’=>’decoy’, ‘label’=>”, ‘check’=>’must_empty’), //decoy input field for bots, input field gets hidden, if bot enters value form wont be submitted


    //user defined elements from backend

    $custom_elements = avia_get_option(‘contact-form-elements’);



    foreach($custom_elements as $new_element)


    $elements[strtolower( $new_element ) ] = $new_element;



    if(avia_get_option(‘contact-form-captcha’) === ‘active’)


    $elements = array(‘type’=>’captcha’, ‘check’=>’captcha’, ‘label’=> __(‘Responde la pregunta:’,’avia_framework’));


    $contact_form = new avia_form($form_args);




    maybe i do it wrong, im new in this :S



    You’re using some utf-8 characters in the code (eg éxito). Please replace é, etc. with the right html entity:




    Thank u, but that dont solve my problem :(, however i found it, i share the problem maybe can help somebody. in the config i repeat the same page in: “Frontpage Settings” and “And where do you want to display the Blog?”. why i do that, well when i test in cellphone a label with the words “select page” apear, after doing that the label disapear. however somes like an conflict in that.

    But u can help me with this, i recibe the notification but i want translate the word “Your message”, where can i change that, i did not see in the contact…php:

    Gracias por su registro!!

    Te recomendamos que el Seminario tendrá lugar el día 16 de Noviembre en la sala 1 y 2 de video conferencias de la USBI a las 9:00 A.M.

    Your Message:<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<< how i can change this?

    Nombre Completo: xxxx xxxxx

    Ocupación: test

    Institución de Procedencia: xxx xxxx

    E-Mail: (Email address hidden if logged out)

    Again sorry for my bad english, a lot of thanks for your atention..




    Hi Reno,

    You can change that message in framework>php/class-form-generator.php line 421. Search for:

    Your Message:




    thanks!! my problem haz been solved

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