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    Link to website:

    I am trying to make two changes on my website I am not able to find it how to set that up.


    On the contact page when you submit form i want to edit that with image and text there.


    On the home page There is a image after that there is a text ( saying Hi, I am an Animator, Designer…. ) I dont want any space inbeetween.

    Please see link.

    Please help me to solve out this problem

    Thank you in advance !


    Just started working on Portfolio page: As you can see in the link i gave you its not loding any video or images. I would like to know how to make it load. Because i know I did make changes on first two links. Please Let me know.

    fyi: I am using wordpress 3.3

    Thanks !! Cant wait to see my website up and running !



    1) You can change the message in includes/contact-form.php – to replace the message search for following code line:

    "success" => "<h3>".__('Your message has been sent!','avia_framework')."</h3><p>".__('Thank you!','avia_framework')."</p>",

    You can add image tags, etc. instead of the h3 element.

    2) Add following code to css/custom.css:

    .media_embed {
    padding: 0px;

    3) How do you upload the images? Click on “Upload” select the image from the gallery or upload a new one. Then click on “File URL”, select “Full Size” and “Use image as featured image”. Maybe you need to regenerate existing thumbs with:


    Hi Dude,

    Thank you for your quick reply

    for question number 1) Is it possible to help me with PHP?

    Edit this :

    “success” => “<h3>”.__(‘Your message has been sent!’,’avia_framework’).”</h3><p>”.__(‘Thank you!’,’avia_framework’).”</p>”,

    I want

    Image to come up with page says ‘”Your message has been sent””

    Image path is (Copied from wordpress)

    Please let me know how to edit that PHP code with image import. or if that is not possible for you can you give me sample post.

    Question Number 2) I am now trying to Uplode full size image to home page which is about 550px in height. Its not letting me uplode image more than 250px or some. where is that code is located at?

    Question 3) Solved Thanks :-)

    Very Much appreciated your all help. Thanks!


    For your future post if you would want to show this link to make explanation easy : This template structure is similar to what Kriesi did.

    To edit Portfolio:


    Question 2-3) solved.. Waiting for question 1… please… thanks :)



    "success" => "<h3>".__('Your message has been sent!','avia_framework')."</h3><p><img src='' alt='' title='' /></p>",


    Great Thanks Dude! Perfect Perfect :)


    Glad that I could help you :)


    I was just wondering is there any way in the theme that we can sort portfolio each time differently when someone open website??


    Is there a way in wordpress you can arrange Portfolio items once everything is posted.?

    Really appreciate all your help.


    Wow.. Never thought there will be plugins for this as well…

    found this one :

    Simply drag and drop :)

    Thanks Dude!


    Hi there,

    Was wondering if you can help me how to activate the next and previous arrows as well as the image thumbnail in the portfolio??

    Also How can i get rid of extra space on the bottom of contact page??





    in js/avia.js replace following line:




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