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    look, i have the following problem.

    i’ve activated “ThemeMyLogin plugin” and woocommerce checkbox “allow to register in my account page”

    first, look my site:

    the register form is from woocommerce, and the number of this page is 795.

    second: in Register page from “WP /ThemeMyLogin” is this page:

    see this page are 830,

    i want to use this for general “Registration Page Number 830”, because in ThemeMyLogin i have a design for e-mails confirmation, reset passwords, etc, that is very useful

    how can i change the destination page for 830 and not to 795?

    i’ve search about 3 days and i can’t resolve this.

    in fact, if i deactivate “allow register from myAccount Page” in woocommerce -settings, the Registration Page disappear and my users can’t register anymore.

    i hope you can help me to solve this.

    thank you


    Hi Genarvaz,

    We really aren’t equipped to offer support on two third party plugins and the interactions between them.

    You’ll need to post in either the WooCommerce support forums or for that specific plugin.



Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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