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    Under the display options, I setup blog options…”The Page you choose here will display the Blog in addition to the normal page content:”..I chose the Blog page. Whenever I want to add or subtract something from the page it won’t work. For example, I want to remove the categories and archives from the side bar of the blog page/post but I can’t find any option to let me do that.Also, I setup sexy bookmarks and they showed on every page but not on the blog page even though I setup the bookmarks to show on pages and posts….So, whenever I pick something to show posts only…it doesn’t show at all… What am I missing? One more issue…I tried to add the like button and it showed on all of the pages except the blog/post page. Please help…Thank you….here is the url:



    at the moment I get a 404 error when I try to access your blog page. However you can add widgets to the blog page by going to Appearance > Widgets – there you’ll see the blog widget area (called “sidebar blog”) – just dra’n’drop your widgets into this area.

    The sexy bookmarks will show for posts and pages but not on the blog page and on archive pages (or only as a part of the listed posts).


    I checked and it does come up as an error. Why? If I click the post on the sidebar, the post shows up. I connected the Blog page to the posts…. It was fine before…Where should I look..,yikes…help…..can I put the facebook like button in the blog page somehow? Thank you



    The blog page works again:-)…Is there anyway to insert the like button before and after each new blog post? Also, is there a way to make sexy bookmarks show on every new blog post?

    Thanks for your help



    Sorry for all the questions…the blog page works but the slider images are cut off at the right. I don’t know what’s going on today with this stuff.

    Thanks for help.



    please try the following:

    in your style.css file search for:

    #featured object {

    and remove it.

    Then search for

    #featured, #featured:focus {
    outline:medium none;

    and change it to

    #featured, #featured:focus {
    outline:medium none;
    padding:0 10px;


    Thanks…I followed the directions above….Was that regarding the slider? So, is it possible to insert the like button and tweet button in the blog? Anyway to do this?

    Thanks a bunch



    1) Yes – the modifications should help you to fix the slider issue.

    2) If your tweet and facebook plugins provide code which allows you to implement them where you like it’s possible. Just open up template_blog.php and after following code insert the “like” ot “tweet” code.

    the_content('


    Thank You very very very much! I inserted the like and tweet button. It was very exhilarating..hehe



    If it wouldn’t be too much of a bother, if I want to insert the like and tweet button on the same template_blog.php at the top, what code would I insert the tweet and like button after? Thanks again. You’re really helpful. I appreciate it.


    You can place it after

    <div id="main">


    <div id="content">

    in template-blog.php


    Thanks so much Dude!!! It looks great on the site. I already received comments on the blog and I only SEOed the home page thus far:-) Everyone really likes the site and content….I’m happy I went with your template!!!

    one more quick question:-)…Is there a way to control the order of the posts…like let’s say I want one at the top of the blog even though by date it’s written the earliest?

    Thanks Again


    No, not really. Changing the publishing date is the only way I know.


    Thanks Dude! You’re really helpful.


    Glad that I could help you :)

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