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    HI, I have an issue with the sorting option in Portfolio. I got 3 categories, 3 columns, but not sorting buttons are displayed on the top. Need help!



    Do you use sortable columns? You can change the style under Avisio Options > Portfolio


    Yes I see them in admin-area, made the setup there: but here how the page looks like in real:


    Send me your login info to

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    I’ll have a look at your configuration.


    Unfortunately I have the same problem. I can see the sortable buttons with names in the code but there ist no appearance on the page. I just deactivated all 3rd party plugins and other JavaScripts without any success.

    Do you have any idea?

    Thanks a lot in advance!



    Okay I just solved the problem by myself.You need to insert images in the portfolio-item. So after that – the sortable buttons are displayed.It won´t be displayed without images!

    Should be the same problem for tatevik.


    tatevik can you try zero75 solution? If it works we may have encountered a bug.


    Yeah! That worked! Thank you so much!


    Glad that the problem is solved.


    I’ve followed various threads here so from the sounds of it you cannot have a sortable portfolio with videos as the feature images? Is it possible to have a sortable video portfolio?



    Yes, you need to add a featured image to one item. Otherwise the sorting function won’t work.

    Best regards,





    Just to clarify, add one featured image to one item or one featured image to all items? I added an image to one and it still isn’t showing up.



    Are you sure you are selecting ‘3 columns sortable’ and not ‘3 columns’?

    I played around with it, and as long as 1 of the portfolio items has a ‘Preview Picture overwrite Image’ or Featured Image and the rest have no images and no videos even, the sorting will work (of course only text will sort for all portfolio items which have no cover image or featured image).

    So if you have a portfolio of 20 items, all 20 can be videos, but 1 of the 20 needs either have a featured image, or a preview picture override image (above the insert video box in add portfolio item page) so that the sorting categories will display.

    However, its a good idea to add an image above the video URL for every slide to make it look better (add your own thumb). Though it is not required in order for the sorting mechanism to work.



Viewing 14 posts - 1 through 14 (of 14 total)

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