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    So many questions to ask, I hope that is okay.

    We like the template theme but we’re running into a few issues.

    * First of all, why does this sign me out of wordpress every minute or so? My associate is having the same issue, regardless of what browser we are using ie chrome, firefox.

    * Secondly, we’re having glitches with the product pages and woocommerce. I currently have an item listed at $199.99 and it shows up on the site for free, lol?

    * Thirdly, how do we launch the forums. Do we need to add it to a separate page? We’re using Mingle Forum.

    Feel free to look at the site and make any suggestions. I realize I threw a lot out there, so I appreciate the help.


    Disregard the second issue, the page was glitched so I deleted the item and added it again, it works.

    I still am looking for tips on being logged out every minute and the forums, though.




    1) Maybe your router or firewall blocks the content of Or you deactivated cookies? Or you reconnect every minute? We didn’t receive such a report before.

    2) I think mingle forum offer shortcodes – you can place the shortcode on any page you like and the forum should work.


    I fixed the mingle issue- thanks.

    Regarding the redirects to the login page, I’m not sure. I’m allowing cookies and such. It doesn’t do that to me on any other social networking sites or my last wordpress template. Any suggestions to try?



    Did you try to access the forum with another internet connection (i.e. g3, umts or from home/business client)?


    I’ll try that.

    I’m also getting this, when I was importing my SSL in the footer- I must have deleted something or idk.

    /home/content/78/8611878/html/wp-content/themes/abundance/footer.php on line 151

    Since we’re starting over, how do I get rid of that?


    Try to upload the original footer.php – I’m not sure what causes the error because the line 151 doesn’t even exist in the original file.


    Just to update, there must have been a plugin we were using that made the site log us out and not save items.

    We’re no longer experiencing that with only a few plugins.


    Strange – do you know which plugin caused the problem?


    I’m not sure, we loaded a bunch on without testing them individually- big mistake, it turns out.


    We’re now having problems with the post picture to display. We keep getting the loop of death, even when uploading and adding pictures as featured media and into post.

    Thanks for the help.


    And our products no longer have the add to cart or view description option when you mouse over the picture…

    Any ideas?


Viewing 12 posts - 1 through 12 (of 12 total)

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