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    I would like to decrease the height of navigation buttons of the second menu (let’s call them main buttons or navigation bar). How can i do that?

    I’m talking about buttons (news, test, premiummag…) on this picture (red arrow is not important now) . They are to hight right now.



    this thread: should help you.


    it almost did but:


    position: relative;


    float: left;


    line-height does’nt seem to affect anything – what does it do?

    .catnav li a{



    and what does min-height do?

    also now i have a problem witch look like this ->

    and anyway here are my new valuse


    position: relative;


    float: left;


    z-index: 4;


    .catnav li a{



    padding:8px 10px 7px 10px;


    border: none;

    text-decoration: none;


    line-height:29px; /* centrowanie guzików */

    outline: none;




    i still have a big spece like here

    and i don’t know how to fix it



    I’ve lost the url to your live-site, if you could link us again I can provide specific instructions.


    You must enter via

    login: support

    pass: premiumsupport

    sorry for inconvenience


    i kindly report, that problem still persist


    Sorry for the delay, you can add this to your css file:

    ul.sub-menu {
    margin-top: -12px !important;


    i think negative values of margin dont’t work in ie explorer? do they?


    They do, more on this (Purchase code hidden if logged out) -negative-margins/” class=”bbcode_url”>here – an interesting read :).


    is there another way to fix this menu issue – without negative margin?


    I don’t know. Negative margins count as correct and semantic code, it’s a perfectly good solution to your problem.

Viewing 12 posts - 1 through 12 (of 12 total)

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