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    Hallo , I am trying to make a multilingual website, using WPML plugin. I encounter the databate charset problem and i changed all my tables in utf-8 so the ?????????? instead of text is solved. Now the text in paragraph is fine but all the headings dont show in the page. When I reload i can see them briefly and then they disappear again. Could it be something in the fonts of the theme? Could you help me?


    I tried all the available heading fonts of the theme and it seems only droid san supports Greek characters but partially because its changes my capitals and some characters like σ ς.

    Could you include some more Heading Fonts that support Greek. How could I install them?


    You can check out this font and (Purchase code hidden if logged out) -fonts” class=”bbcode_url”>these instructions. Of course you can use other fonts in the Google Database.

    Let us know if it works :)


    thank you it works fine

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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