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    I have just changed the default Heading font to Josefin Common Characters in your Heading Font selector and in both Chrome & IE it briefly shows the default font for a split second before displaying the selected font. I deleted the Cache but still problem exists. Any ideas.
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    Would like to add that some of the pages on my site are showing the selected font quicker than others. The shop page is slowest to show the new title font



    Please go to wp-content\themes\flashlight\includes\admin folder and open register-admin-options.php file and find

    "id" 	=> "font_heading",
    				            "type" 	=> "select",
    				            "no_first" => true,
    				            "std" 	=> "",

    and change it to

    "id" 	=> "font_heading",
    				            "type" 	=> "select",
    				            "no_first" => true,
    				            "std" 	=> "Josefin Common Characters",

    It will make Josefin Common Characters your default font family.



    Hi. Just did that and it worked briefly on some pages but now they are still loading the default font first. The mini content box on the front page seems to be actually worse than before the change. I have cleared the cache a few times still no change. Thanks, Steve



    As far as I know this delay is unavoidable. The cufon font that gets loaded in is loaded after the page load so the plain text is rendered by the browser followed by cufon re-rendering with the custom font.

    You could try turning off the custom font selection and instead opt for a plugin to load in a google font or try using @font-face instead if the delay isn’t acceptable.



    Thank you Devin. I will have a look into your suggestions. Cheers

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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