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    Just trying to get to grips with Abundance Theme. Have had a few issues but most sorted now. 2 questions…Can I set a new page created by me as the Home page (tried every which way – followed your screencasts exactly but doesn’t seem to like it)? The title of the page does not appear in the Frontpage options.

    I want to put a website title in the header not a logo similar to your demo – how do I do it?




    Hi Anji,

    The theme doesn’t currently have an option for using a text only site title. Your best option would be to create a simple text logo in whatever free image editor you have access to and then upload it for use as the logo. Otherwise you would need to do some file editing to the theme files and adjust the logo css.

    For example, this is the logo file used in the demo:

    You can set and use any page you want as the home page by changing the setting in the main tab of the Theme Options. Just make sure you don’t also have a home page set in your WordPress Settings >Reading. That should be set to “Your latest posts” and not a specific page.



Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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