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    is it possible to expand the theme with a header div?

    I thought about using a banner over the content in the same hight like the logo in the sidebar.




    could you elaborate your question please? Perhaps a quick image can help me understand. Could you also link to your site? This way I can test if my solution works for you.


    Hi Chris,

    if you like, check:

    I´ve put an picture in the header.php (div id=”header”) and styled in the custom.css

    But It will be deluxe to put content in the header via the backend.

    And I have one problem. At the moment I put some item in the basket (shop) the right sidebare displays under header and not as before.

    Any hint?


    Currently there isn’t an option to achieve your header modification other than the way you’re doing it. As for your shopping cart, it’s in the sidebar and it reacts as it should, am I missing something?


    Hey Chris,

    thanks and yes the shopping cart works fine cause I updated the css for the right sidebar.


Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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