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    Fore some unknown reason my header background image is acting strange on only one of my pages on

    Please see:

    All settings are same as usual.

    Any suggestions?


    Hey rjohnsen1!

    I get a 404 page when I visit the blog:

    Can you please give us a test page? A screenshot will help.



    Thanks for reaching out. I closed the blog for now.

    I can give you admin access to the system if you provide me with an email-address.

    I’ve turned on the blog again and put up a coming soon page.


    Can you help me here? I don’t have a test site, but as I wrote could make you an admin of the site. I need an email to do it though.

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    please post the login credentials here. Make sure to check “Set as private reply (Only you and moderators will see the content of this post)” above Submit button


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    I’ve tagged Yigit on the topic but you can also reply with a private post (Set as private reply check box) with the login credentials so any of us can take a look.


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    On the blog page specifically there is a plugin or script adding in a bunch of code before the doctype starting out the page which is then causing the layout for the whole page not to load.

    My guess is there is either a plugin or if you’ve made any changes to the theme directly for plugin support causing a conflict just for the blog page.

    I did also just notice now that I can see the back end your theme version is quite a bit out of date. The current version is 1.6 and updating your theme may very well fix the issue if there is an old conflict or something like that. The version you have active now is also not compatible with WordPress 3.6 so updating will also make things run correctly.

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    ThemeForest actually does have an automatic email that goes out when a theme update has been added so make sure you have that checked on the Flagship download.

    You can watch this video for a quick how-to on updating your theme:

    All of your theme settings are saved to the database to your active theme name so only the theme files will be written over.

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