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    hi I got this to work using your control settings… and then I accidentally deleted the working example and now I have no idea how to get it back! :(

    basically I want a still image to represent the video. When you click on it, the video plays as an OVERLAY over the entire page.

    it looked great! and perfect for my website purposes.

    So how do I get it back?

    I thought it had something to do with linking the Vimeo manually.. and I have done that but no luck.

    when i click on it, it keeps wanting to take me to portfolio page instead of play as an overlay (as it once did)


    another adjustment and it plays in a tiny thumbnail. (not good)

    please help!



    Hi alcakes,

    You should be able to just add a single image into the portfolio gallery. Then, set the link manually to the vimeo video in the options for that single image.




    yes. thats what I thought.

    and that’s what I’ve done…

    But I will add I noticed that the stripe along the bottom of the thumbnail with the projects title (and link to videos individual page) is no longer.

    so perhaps I changed something in the theme?

    does it matter if Ajax is on or off?

    What else could it be?




    and to clarify above. the overlay still does not work. some of my videos play in the tiny thumbnail

    and some the “single image” manually linked videos still take me to a separate page.


    Can you create a temporary admin account for me so I can log in and take a look.

    You can send the information to my email at DevinVinson (at) Make sure to include a link to this topic so that my spam filter doesn’t grab it :)




    figured it out…

    it was turning AJAX on… and something else… I forget.

    this Theme has many redundancies in terms of ways to perform a task

    unfortunately, making a video an overlay is not one of them.


    Glad you were able to figure it out :)

    Let us know if you have any other questions or issues.



Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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