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    I have a 2 part question:

    First, has anyone found other background gallery image sizes that work well, right now I am using images 1000×650 but I am having some quality issues when it is being stretched to fill screen and I don’t like the bars on right and left if I change the options. I can have it fill the screen but it degrades the image quality. I am using one 27″ ws monitor and a 22″ws and I am having the issue with both. Is there a larger image size that will be a safe bet while keeping quality?

    Second question, I will be wanting to add lots of stuff to my woo products and I am looking at this extension

    Now with the product images not being added the typical woo way will it work? I mean the typical way of “featured image” being clicked like on other themes, flashlight has a different way of doing it, found that out the hard way lol.

    I assume the data part will import the same as any other theme with woocommerce will, but will the images?



    Hi exposureclothing,

    Kriesi used 1500×937 sized images for the main background slider on the demo, it seems to work really well but that might be a good size to try for you.

    As for that extension, I’m almost completely positive it will not work well with Flashlight. The same thing for the duplicate item feature, they just don’t mesh with the way the theme creates products and attaches the images.



Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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