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    Hi @all,

    has anybody tested AVISIO with WP 3.3 and are there any issues?

    I have concerns, if my AVISIO runs with the new WP 3.3.




    I use Avisio (v1.2.1) for my personal website and it works flawlessly with WP3.3. I couldn’t resist to hit the update button :)


    I’m running WP 3.3 and only have 1 observation. The menu items that are Custom Items now appear as bold. Other than that it works without any issues for me.

    Dude – Any way around the bold custom menu items? Sorry for crashing your post colorit2




    I think this is a wordpress bug. Someone else reported it. It’s not theme related afaik. The problem is that wordpress adds the “current_item” class to several menu items – not just only one. This is wp core problem.


    Sorry for the late repy, but thanks Dude. Looking for a solution over at the WP forums.




    My experience is that when the menu items are “custom menu items” they’ll also take over the “current” styling. This can be solved by adding CSS for the custom menu items.

    *Note I’ve only tested this in Broadscope though it should be the same for Avisio. Though it’s hard to get around it.


    Thanks Chris. Any chance that you could share the code you used for Broadscope as I’m not having much luck with this.




    Just for anyone who also has concerns over the bold menu issue with custom menu items – The latest version of WP 3.3.1 resolves the issue.




    Great :) – I’ll close this thread now :)

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)

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