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    Hi! Could you please give me some guidance as to how I should handle images in blog posts…

    Do you recommend me to define a certain size that I crop all images into so that the size in each post is the same?

    Is it possible to upload an image just for it to be a featured image shown in the post thumb nail or will a featured image both be part of the thumb nail AND be inserted into the post.

    Any clarifying guidelines on how to handle images in blog posts in a refined way would be very appreciated!




    Hi M,

    It depends a bit on how you have your blog pages set up. For the most part, if you use image thumbnails that are no wider than 530px when inserting an image it won’t break out of the layout or anything like that.

    As for displaying a blog post without the featured slideshow at the top, no I don’t believe there is any setting to allow for that. You can however choose to have the preview thumbnail (as shown in the blog overview) be not shown on the single post page via the theme options.

    I hope that helps a bit :)



Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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