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    Product image. So simple with other themes and that’s what I’m used to.

    Can someone give the workflow on where to have a featured image shown and up to 3 additional images and where to put them, there’s 3 upload buttons.

    For the life of me I don’t know how I did it. I can get gallery images but no featured, or vice versa.

    I have lots to add and want the workflow that is proven with this theme.




    You can the featured image via Gallery Options just click Upload. Then you can add more thumbnails using the the same method.




    THanks Ismael, this is a very wonky setup man!

    K I have hit the green upload button, added my 3 images. Chose wp default gallery attached to the entry. Published. Looks good but my featured image is not what I want featured, so I click on featured image at right, or remove, doesn’t matter, then I open my gallery in the “set featured image” and choose my image for featured image, then save and then publish and it keeps going back to an image I don’t want as featured.

    Should be easy and straight forward, hit featured image, choose, save publish and done, but it just keep going in a loop.

    I am sure anyone setting up a store is going to be pulling their hair out with this, ecspecially if one has used other themes with woocommerce and how easy that is.

    Can you provide a simple walk thru for getting the images up, that will help a lot of people that are using this theme to sell products. Assume that all the other data is all done and all one needs is images for the product put up. Lets say you have 3 images for product to put up, what is the correct way to get them all up and have a functioning featured image that is chosen by individual vs the upload.

    It’s the featured image that is causing the frustration.

    THanks man!


    On a side note, as per a previous question I had, I want to use an import plugin from woo themes so that I can setup an excel sheet with all the attributes etc, that will be straight forward. It has the ability to do the images as well, but will it work with this theme since this is an unconventional way of image assignment. The plugin is $50 but won’t save me time if I have to mess with a 1000 images individually.

    I assume this theme is done this way so that the products can be used as site background so that would require the integration setup being the way it is.

    Perhaps an update to this theme could be the option of traditional woo integration minus the gallery features native to this theme. It’s a great theme, but this part is just a PITA.




    1) Create a new product page and first thing you do is add the featured image and save the page.

    2) Add the remaining gallery images in bulk or individually and save the page.

    The first image will remain as the featured image and be included in the gallery which saves quite a bit of time when dealing with a large number of products.

    I will forward your request for the additional functionality.

    Good luck,



    I must say it is a PITA to manage images and additional product images and especially if you copy same product to make additional products.

    Someone should really take a closer look at this and adding a functionaity to have a featured image and additional images showing as small images using the FEATURED image function would be a great help.

    I want to display a featured image BIG SIZE and four additional images SMALL next to it in a cluster of four so which ever image you hover on the FEATURED image displays it.

    This would really make a lot of people happy!


    Hi turboper4mer,

    Version 2.0 of the theme actually re-did the whole image gallery set up to do pretty much just that. Not exactly, as that isn’t the feature set designed for this theme but it does allow for better image gallery management.



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