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    Is there anyway I can make the the blogpost/feature image on the main page do autoslideshow, while the portfolio pieces NOT do auto slideshow? Right now I have both of them doing auto slideshow. Thanks :) (


    By “auto slideshow” i mean “autoplay slideshow”..


    Any help?


    Maybe I’m missing something but as far as I know the Habitat slideshow doesn’t support an autoplay feature at all (I couldn’t find such a feature on the demo page too). It would require some changes (slider core code) and I’ll forward your feature request to Kriesi – however I can’t promise that Kriesi will add it to this theme.


    The autoplay slideshow option is under: Habitat Options -> Slideshow options -> Autoplay “Should the slider auto-rotate?”: Yes/No


    Ok, missed this option – try to replace following line in header.php:

    echo "slideShowArray['".$key."'] = '".$value."'; n";


    if ($key == 'slide_autorotate' && get_post_type == 'portfolio' )
    $value = 2;

    echo "slideShowArray['".$key."'] = '".$value."'; n";

    and activate the autorotation feature.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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