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    Hello there,

    I’m a complete WordPress novice, so apologies if these are silly questions. I bought the Habitat Theme recently to set up a photoblog of my travels – lovely design & great functionality btw.

    It all seems to be coming together, but I’ve got a couple of questions :

    1) Using the Featured Images upload function within a Post – If you use the search, filter or save features within the pop up, it seems to knock out the ability to Insert featured Image – you only seem to be able to then Insert Image – which I’m guessing means it’s trying to insert the image directly into the Post text. It took me ages to work out what was going on but the only way you seem to be able to add images (out of 100+ is a bit of a drag) is to manually scroll through the pages, for each one. The auto save also seems to knock out this feature too if you haven’t already added an image.

    2) Is there any way of changing the crop of the Featured Image shown in the slider for a particular image (looks to me that the crop size is around 850p x 400p)?

    3) How can I edit/delete the Features text which is sitting on the bottom of the theme/Template (along side Archive/Categories/Pages)?




    In response to your questions

    Question 1 – I will need to try and replicate this in my version. I’ll try and get back to you later on this.

    Question 2 – Your Habitat documentation explains how to do this. It’s in section ‘F’ of the documentation.

    Question 3 – In your Habitat options under ‘Sidebar & Footer’ there is an option called ‘Display ‘dummy’ sidebars widgets’.

    If you have this set to ‘Yes’ then the theme will load dummy data into widgets that do not have a widget assigned to them. Set this option to ‘no’ and then got to ‘Appearance >> Widgets’ and set all your widgets manually.

    Or if you want to keep it at ‘Yes’ and just replace that one widget got to ‘ ‘Appearance >> Widgets’ and place a widget in the ‘Footer – Column 4’ widget area. Then add what ever widget you want to use i.e. a text widget and then just add your text.

    Hope this helps.



    Yeah I just confirmed the above for questions one. This looks like a defect that the support team will need to look into.

    Replication steps:

    1. Create a new post

    2. Within the Featured Images panel click the ‘Insert Image’ button

    3. Click the ‘Media Library’ tab

    4. On any image click the ‘Show’ link. The image details then expand and there is a button at the bottom of the page that says ‘Insert Image as a Featured Image’ (do not click anything).

    5. Click into the ‘Search Box’ at the top of the window and search for any image and then click the ‘Show’ link

    6. When the image details expand this time there is no button to ‘Insert Image as a Featured Image’




    Interesting… I report this to Kriesi. Maybe it’s even a WordPress related bug.


    Excellent – Thanks Guys!

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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