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    A few quick Qs about the Propulsion template:

    – any limit as to how many tabs I can have (the demo has 6, from Home –> Shop, I need 8 for now but maybe more in the future

    – under “Welcome”, can those 4 column titles (e.g. Flexibly Templates”) be links to website pages?

    – “Latest portfolio entries” – can I have 4 instead of 3

    – can I display the latest blog entries instead of the “latest products”

    – would like to add an <<irresistible Free Offer>> on the home page somewhere. How should I approach that? Need to display it at all times

    The intent is to keep the responsive nature of the website.

    Unrelated: is there a tutorial for upgrading v1.7 to v2.0? Assuming that 2.0 works well with WP3.5.2.

    Thank you!




    1.) You can add more than that. You can also use the Sub Menus to make a comprehensive menu.

    2.) Yes, the 4 columns is generated using shortcodes.

    3.) Yes, you can have 4 column portfolio entries.

    4.) Yes, you can use the Template Builder to create new template for your frontpage.

    5.) Again, you can use the Template Builder, maybe add a Text Area/Callout/Quotes element.

    6.) You should do the upgrade via FTP. Please watch this video on how to upload the theme via FTP.

    Note: Create a database and theme files backup first.




    Thank you, in the meantime I had figured out half of the questions. Will come back with more specific ones. Cheers, Ismael!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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