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    I upgraded my site to WordPress 3.9, Adundance 2.2.1, and Woocommerice 2.1.9. Everything seemed to be working fine, except Group products. When there is only 1 item in stock, the Add To Cart button shows up beside the item. When there is more than 1 item in stoick, there isn’t an add to cart button or the add to cart button is on the bottom.


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    Any help would be appreciated.



    Hey mmcarlock!

    In fact this is how the group products plugin works since the update. If you want to change the layout you must contact the plugin author. If just 1 item is on stock WooCommerce displays an “Add to cart” button instead of an input field. All other products (with 2+ items on stock) display an quantity input field and the user can use the “Add to cart” button at the bottom of the table to add products to the cart. This is imo not intuitive but our theme just displays the default grouped products table and doesn’t modify the layout. I can only help you with the “Add to cart” button alignment within the “group table” which is a small styling glitch. You can center align the button with this css code:

    div .container .group_table a.button, div .group_table a.button {
    float: none;


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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