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    I love the theme so far but I am disappointed that I can’t seem to place a caption and title on the full size 2d gallery slider. This was a large reason that I purchased it. I feel a little misled if so, as the description seems to make you think otherwise. Am I incorrect here or am I missing something? Thanks.



    the feature doesn’t work for me too so I think it’s not possible at the moment. I’ll ask Kriesi to comment on this issue.


    Geez, can I get a refund? This theme is useless for me without it. The description completely made me think it would work.


    I’d wait for Kriesi’s answer however if you want a refund you must contact envato ( support) directly – they’re your contract partner.


    ok, thank you…hopefully, Kriesi can help.


    Having the same issue, anyone figure it out yet?


    Kriesi replied to me over at themeforest and said it should work so I’m thinking maybe he overlooked something, and hopefully he

    will fix or help us out. Hopefully he’ll chime in here soon.


    He sent me a mail yesterday – it should work and he’ll look into it asap.


    thanks Dude, I’m looking forward to it :)



    hey! I can confirm, this is a small bug within the theme, I will release an update today or tomorrow that will fix that ;)

    Best regards,



    Thanks Kriesi!


    hi, is the new version out? I went to themeforest but couldn’t find a version number and couldn’t tell. And if you don’t mind, when the new version does come (if it hasn’t yet), can I juts replace a few files instead of the whole thing? Thanks.


    Yes, you can replace all files. I’m sure Kriesi will upload the update soon.


    Ok, one more question if you have time. How do I know when there is a new update? I keep going to themeforest but can’t find it referenced anywhere so I end up downloading the whole theme again and checking the version.rtf which is still 1.0.

    I just keep doing this to see if there has been a new version..over and over…is there an easier way for me to check or will you let me know here? Many thanks.


    I’ll post an update notice here when Kriesi sends me the update.


    Thanks Dude, and this may not be the place for this so feel free to tell me to redirect but I just noticed that I am also not able to apply a link to the image with the Fullsize Featured 2D slider. I configure it to link to a page or post but it just opens a lightbox image.



    I can’t reproduce the bug. i.e. on this page: *removed* I’m using a fullsize 2D image slider which links to a portfolio item – the image doesn’t open in the lightbox. Please check the configuration again and check if the error occurs for more than one post.


    Hmm, hard to figure then. I turned of plugins and still only got the lightbox when trying to link to a page or post. It works though when I input the link manually.

    in case you want to glance at it.


    Oh, ok – now I can reproduce the bug too. I entered the link to the portfolio item manually. I’ll report it to Kriesi as (severe) bug.


    Thanks Dude.


    Now, I am trying to apply a link to the image in the “add featured media” section of a page and it is not working. Again, just the lightbox.

    Above Kriesi says he’ll update “today or tomorrow” and it’s been 6 days. I really want to be patient here but this theme just doesn’t work for me with all these issues…and I don’t mind waiting as I think the theme is great, but it would be nice if i knew how long I need to wait. Any idea how much longer? Thanks


    Kriesi didn’t report back yet. Maybe he took a timeout during the easter holidays….


    Also having the same issue – the captions work on the 3D but not the 2D slider. Any idea on when the update is coming?


    i wish I could get an answer too. I’m really trying to stay patient.


    Any news as to what’s going on?


    Just checking in one last time. I really don’t mean to badger, I just really wanted to use this theme. Themeforest has issed me a refund based on the theme’s lack of this function and I’m about to shop for a new theme but wanted to ask one last time to see if Dude of Kriesi could give me a definitive answer as too when an update might arrive. If I don’t hear back, I’ll go ahead and shop as some things I’m doing are time sensitive. Hope to get an answer. If not, thanks for your help up to this point, I understand we all get busy. best to all.


    Sorry, it did last a little longer this time, took me a while to figure out the problem. If you want to change themes and already recieved a refund I totally understand in that case. The theme will recieve an update that fixes the bug, along with some other minor glitches on thursday when I have closed another project and tested the new update thoroughly.


    Thanks for getting back to me on this. Themeforest has already issued the refund but I may very well repurchase if when the 2d slider captions are instated and you can apply links to the images in the featured media section. Actually, I’m already looking forward to it. You do amazing work. Thanks Kriesi, I’ll check back here Thurs..



    update is now in the queue and will be available by tomorrow if everything works out according to plan and themeforest approves it :)

    It will fix both the caption problem and the link problem for pages. however please be aware that if you set a link to “self” and you are already on a single page the link will point to the lightbox image, since linking on the post itself if you are alredy viewing it wouldnt make that much sense :)

    sorry for the long delay, took longer than it should, and thanks for your patience. Once the update was approved by themeforest I will announce it on twitter and facebook :)


    Looking forward to the update, I have a demo tomorrow and I have been patiently waiting.


    Bowman Design.

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