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    Hi, Wondering if it is possible to change the information that shows when doing a google search for my site. Google seems to be pulling its description from the product slider on the frontpage as well as the copyright text. Can I add different text somewhere in the front page so that google uses that instead? Also, the title is showing correctly except it has the numbers 12345 after it. Not sure where that is coming from?

    my site is

    Thanks very much.



    @ taylor8,

    For seo optimization you could use this excellent plugin:





    Yes WarriorSan is right. I’d use because it gives you the best results.

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    Yes, I do have that installed and working, where would I add the description so that it shows properly in a google search?



    I made a screenshot. You need to enter the description text into the “Meta Description” field:

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    Yes, I’ve done that on my “frontpage” but no change. What page should have this info?

    Also, I am getting “12345” in the title of my page on google search. Can you tell where that is coming from?


    1) I think Yoast SEO offers a special option for the front page (it depends on the setup). Go to SEO > Titles & Metas and clickon the “Home” tab.

    2) I don’t know why Google shows 12345 – I’m sorry. You can try to reindex your website (the easiest way is to create a google webmaster account and submit your sitemap).


    @ taylor8,

    Update WordPress SEO to the latest version (1.2.4) this will fix the bug with 12345 in the title..

    Fix wrong homepage titles with 12345 in them because of bug in 1.2.2.


    Thanks for the info WarriorSan!

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)

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