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    I had the Arvo font set up for my page titles. Suddenly they are not displaying properly. I can’t remember if there was a setting in the backend or not. Regardless, there is not a setting now. Did something change or did I break my theme?

    As always, thank you,




    it works fine for me here (V.1.2.1). Cufon seems to work on your website too? Maybe a plugin causes a conflict – you can try to activate the debug mode in wp-config.php and check if you get any errors after clicking on the “save options” button. I couldn’t find any errors and the options were saved correctly.


    it could easily be a plugin. I have added W3 Cache and Cloudflare to knock my load times back down. I spent the morning going through W3TC with no luck. BTW: when I installed the W3 plugin, your name automatically populated the fields for the Cloudflare component.


    I think something I have done with the W3 Total Cache plugin has caused my cufon font issue. When I deactivate the plugin entirely the font come back. I am go into guess you guys are using the same cache plugin. Do you have recommendations for combining JS and CSS files, what order and if the Cufon files need to be left out?

    Thanks Jay


    You need to load cufon.js before you can load the font file itself. Depending on your compressed js file location (head, body, body closing tag) you maybe need to exclude both files to load them correctly. I.e. if you load cufon.js in the head and the font file after the body tag it should work (at least it worked for me) or if you load both together but in the right order. I’d also deactivate comments and line break removal.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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