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    I’m seeing rendering problems in Google Chrome but only with the larger type font. I do not see this issue in any other browser or on any other platform (IE works fine, as does Safari, Chrome, and Firefox on Mac). The problem only manifests itself in Google Chrome on the PC. Is this a known problem, and what is the fix?




    I use Chrome on this 2 year old Win 7 laptop, and I just looked on multiple pages of the theme, but I don’t see any problems with rendering graphics. Are you using latest drivers? All Windows updates installed etc? Such problems (in my experience) usually turns out to be the graphics card




    Nick, Thanks for your response. Unfortunately your response seems to misunderstand the issue I am seeing. To clarify, I am talking about the manner in which the font renders at the larger font size. I am not talking about graphics. Additionally, the smaller font size does not show the problem. The problem only appears in the larger font size. This occurs across PC computers (it’s been tested on three different setups) on Google Chrome on Windows. Is that clear? Your help is much appreciated. Thanks.



    Can you tell us specifically the issue with the larger font size? Is it muddy looking or not sharp enough?




    Yes, the top edges of the type seems to be ragged, or seems to have extra pixels that jut up from the top edge of the letter.




    Hi Sam,

    Unfortunately, Google Chrome does have issues rendering certain web fonts correctly which may be the issue here. If you Google “google chrome font rendering” you’ll see a list of articles on the subject. Of these articles, some people have suggested supplying a text-shadow to the font in question to correct the problem.

    Here’s a link to one article that mentions a couple of different fixes:!topic/chrome/oXILHkVG75M



Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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