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    hello “dude” and other lovely supporters :-)

    i have entered the google analytics code in the provided box in the brightbox theme options. google doesn’t seem to be picking it up though and on their site is says to place the code before the body part of the html code. your description says it will be put into each footer… could that be why google isn’t picking up the code?


    the problem got solved, google finally picked it up…. i am still wondering though, why the decision to place the code in the footer when google wants it above the body part?



    Glad you got this figured out; Google wants the code in the HEAD section to track partial page views (i.e. where a user starts to load the page but moves on before the page is loaded) but this does slow the page down slightly as it’s loaded before all other content.

    If you want the analytics code in the header, open up footer.php and remove this code:

    avia_option('analytics', false, true, true);

    then add it to header.php immediately under:



Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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