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    I’m running Newscast – getting a ton of 500 Apache Server error messages from GoDaddy. I have error logs, they say it’s not them, must be the theme or a plug in. Can one of your esteemed staff review an error log to help me decifer what’s going on? My site is started to get some publicity and I need it running right. I get the error message often upoading images and placing them, but occasionally doing other “back-ed” stuff. I’ve also heard that some users are occasionally getting the same message.

    Can you help / advise please



    can you post the error log by using a service like pastebin: ?


    Hey Dude

    I have created an account and pasted a version of error log created on March 18th. since then we’re had a spike in web traffic, thought the clowns at godaddy cannot get me my most recent error logs (in fact I fear they just erased them) My id in pastebin is mpeter. Will you be able to find it that way or go you need more from me to get a look at it? I named the post For Kriesi. Please let me know if you can access it since I don’t know pastebin or how it works. Thanks again – Matt



    We’d need a direct link to the Pastebin post – I’ve tried and failed to find your post using your username.

    I’ve never heard anything good about GoDaddy hosting so this comes as no surprise. I’d strongly recommend using another host.



    OK – here’s the URL

    and regarding your lofty praise of godaddy – I’m open to suggestions based on your experience and expertise – feel free to make suggestions re alternative hosts. Thanks, I look forward to your reply and help



    I think the error messages have nothing to do with wordpress or our theme(s). Basically it seems like “hooklineandthinker/atom.aspx”, “hooklineandthinker/rss2.aspx” and a file called “/hooklineandthinker/missing.html” cause the errors (obviously they’re missing or can’t be accessed). Maybe you deleted some “preconfigured/standard” files? However I don’t know why they claim that it’s WPs fault. Maybe it’s an incompatibility between wp and windows server (I assume it’s a windows server because of aspx….) but I haven’t enough insight to be sure….


    thanks for the reply. My question, we are talking about a domain called – the error logs being generated are coming from Although I do own hoooklineandthinker, and it (along with Stubstory) are currently domains hosting in our company’s (JP Media) account I’m wondering what file is looking to other directories/domains in order to operate properly and if that’s easily resolvable. It seems like some file got “cross-pollinated” for lack of a better term. And for what it’s worth a majority of these errors occur while uploading images to my posts. Any thoughts (and suggestions on alternative hosts) would be appreciated.





    Personally I use RackSpace Cloud Sites hosting – although this errs on the expensive side ($149 + per month) it is very fast, scaleable and I’ve never had any downtime. It’s also good to know their technical support team (on a freephone number) are very knowledgeable and the phone is answered by a person saying “How can I help?”, not a machine where you get put on hold for ages.

    There are plenty of other hosts out there who are good, I can’t recommend any other than RackSpace though.



    Just wanna say thanks. I’m sure I’ll be back for more help. We just got interviewed on Canada AM – they love the site – and I appreciate your help.


    Hi in his post from 2 days ago, Dude says “I think the error messages have nothing to do with wordpress or our theme(s). Basically it seems like “hooklineandthinker/atom.aspx”, “hooklineandthinker/rss2.aspx” and a file called “/hooklineandthinker/missing.html” cause the errors (obviously they’re missing or can’t be accessed).”

    Can you tell me what file in the Newscast theme would be looking to access these missing files? Is that some htaccess does? Can you answer this question or do you need more info.


    I can’t say why or if Newscast/WP call these files or when they’re called. That’s something you can only ask godaddy because they should know which errors, etc. cause that the server searches for certain files. I don’t have these files on my server or in my wp folder.

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