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    Hello, I am very happy with the coalition theme! And I have one question:

    I am missing a previous/next link in the portfolio items and – what I find more important – a link to go back to the main page to land exactly where the user clicked the last portfolio item and not always at the top of the portfolio items.

    Where do I need to place the code to let the link appear under the autor´s name?

    Thank you for answers on these topics.

    Greetings und Grüße by singitloud


    Hi singitloud,

    Do you have Coalition setup as a standard WordPress theme or one-page portfolio?




    Hi Mya,

    I have set it up as a one page portfolio.

    Thank you for taking care of my requests.

    Greetings singitloud



    I think you’re no.1 concern is quite complicated because when a user click “Projekte” he/she will be redirected to Even if you scroll down, you will still be on that part of the page. So, when you click on a specific portfolio post, the browser will only remember that you are on before you went on that single portfolio post.

    No.2 which is a previous and next link for portfolio post is quite doable. Just go to includes folder and open loop-index.php. Find this code

    if(has_tag() && is_single())
    echo '<span class="blog-tags">';
    echo the_tags('<strong>'.__('Tags: ','avia_framework').'</strong><span>');
    echo '</span></span>';

    Below put this snippet

    <div class='post_nav extralight-border'>
    <div class='previous_post_link_align'>
    <?php previous_post_link('<span class="previous_post_link">&larr; %link </span><span class="post_link_text">'.__('(previous entry)'))."</span>"; ?>
    <div class='next_post_link_align'>
    <?php next_post_link('<span class="next_post_link"><span class="post_link_text">'.__('(next entry)').'</span> %link &rarr;</span>'); ?>
    </div> <!-- end navigation -->

    You still need to do the styling on your custom.css





    I suggest you do this. This will give users the ability to go directly to that particular portfolio posts.

    but in your case you need to target each portfolio items which is quite a hassle to do.




    Thank you. Your hints helped a lot!

    Regards singitloud

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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