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    Hi, I just noticed that when I view my Shoutbox themed website in Chrome that the sidebar widget area of the webpage juts out from the rest of the page… I set up my website in Firefox so I did not notice it before… Is there a fix for this? Thanks!


    There is a css fix on these boards somewhere. But I think the new update to Shoutbox fixes it also. Download it free from Themeforest using the same account you used to buy the original one.



    I’d also download the latest version from However the css fix can be found here:


    Isn’t this supposed to say sockeT not sockeR?

    div .container_wrap{display:block; clear:both; }

    div #footer, div #socker{overflow:hidden;}


    Haha – yes. I corrected it.


    Well It didn’t seem to matter anyway, because the original style.css already has the #socket {overflow:hidden;) in it.




    The css fix worked perfectly. Thanks! I must say, this is a very responsive forum. I am a little new to this game so it is nice to have a place to have my questions answered. :-)

    BTW, I went with the css fix because I was unsure if uploading a new version of the theme would erase my previous settings. Does it just overlay the updated theme or completely redo my settings when I upload the updated theme?


    It just has a different style.css file with the same fixes as in the patch. Not worth changing to if you have already put the patch in yourself.



    Thanks for the reply. My question, however, is for future reference. If I upload the new version of a theme, will it erase my previous settings or just overlay the new version with all my settings intact? Thanks!


    It depends. A lot of the information is held in the database, so this won’t change when you replace the theme. But if you upload a new empty custom.css file with the update, for example, all your style settings will disappear. The same is true is you have modified any of the .php files in the theme or if you have changed any of the image files. It’s best to keep a back-up of your current theme to one side and then you can just add in those files which you have modified after the install (or change the areas of those files you have modified).

    The update log will tell you which files Kriesi has modified in each build.


    That’s correct.

    Thanks rumblefish for helping out :)


    Thanks, that helps out for any future issues I may have. I appreciate you taking the time!


    Glad that Chris could help you :)

Viewing 13 posts - 1 through 13 (of 13 total)

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