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    How do I get rid of the dark grey borders around the Slider? They weren’t there before…

    Also, when I change the link color in the style1.css it changes portfolio title colors..

    I tried changing the line:

    h3, h3 a, h4, h4 a, h5, h5 a, h6, h6 a, strong{ color:#555;}, but it changed Menu colors and other unwanted things. Can someone take a quick look at my site? I would really appreciate it. Thanks!


    I can’t figure this out.. The Portfolio titles are coupled to the link color I set in style1.css ..

    Initially they are coupled to the theme color you choose in the color picked .. How can I fix this?


    I figured out that the portfolio titles were getting controlled because I added these commands to style1.css.

    a:link {

    COLOR: #cc6600;


    a:visited {

    COLOR: #cc6600;


    a:hover {

    COLOR: #666666;


    The reason I had to do this is because no matter what I change this code to in style1.css:





    color:#5671af; text-decoration:underline;


    Nothing changes..

    I am using default theme. Other changes I make in Style1.css show up fine. I even did a fresh install without dummy content, set up a simple page and created a link. Still the link color will not change. When I inserted code mentioned above “a:link” the link colors changed, but so di the portfolio title colors..

    I have read every post in this support forum and found people with the same problem, but no real answer.

    Yes I cleared the cache in my browser..

    I also tried to decoupled the text color from the background in the header.. This got me farther along, but I still cannot specify a link color in the way it was intended at line 6 in style1css. I have to add “a:link” command which screws up portfolio titles..

    Help please..


    Has anyone else seen this behavior? Where changing the color value in line 7 and 11 of the appropriate css file has no affect on the links whatsoever? I really need a way around this..

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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